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Осень 2013 - ситуация на рынке с выходом Никон Д610

интересная статья от  Tom Hogan .
Какая была ситуация в связи с выходом Никон Д610, реакция дилеров и т.д.
Небольшая цитата:
"Then there's the person who just bought a D600 in the last week or two. What will they think about the D610's appearance, and if the D600 continues to drop in price as I think it must, what will they think about that? 
What I fail to understand is Nikon's behavior here. They have done the following by staying quiet about the D600 issues and trying to get around them by doing a sleight of hand with the D610:
Eroded key customer confidence
Devalued a product by their actions, which leads to:
Lowered their product margins
Added another lingering inventory problem, which also leads to lower profit margins 
и еще одна цитата
But here's another new problem I'm seeing in my In Box. Consider this quote: "My D600 is coming up on end of warranty. I'm not a heavy user so I'm not sure if my camera has the problem. It seems like it needs more cleaning than I expected. What happens when my warranty expires? Will Nikon still replace my shutter for free if it's defective?"
Nikon is, as usual, will likely remain silent on such questions, which isn't going to increase customer confidence.

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