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Nikon AF-S NIKKOR 58mm f/1.4G - обзор на ленстип и отзыв на сайте ВН

Популярный ресурс ленстип опубликовал интересный обзор новой линзы Nikon AF-S NIKKOR 58mm f/1.4G
напомню, что цена этой линзы не много ни мало - около 1700-1800долл (!).
Компания позиционирует ее как наследницу великолепной Noct-Nikkor 1.2/58.

Итоги теста - цитирую:
11. Summary
- high image quality in the frame centre from f/2.8,
- very good control of the lateral chromatic aberration,
- not bothersome distortion,
- very good coma correction in the corners of  APS-C/DX,
- nice blur images,
- moderate vignetting,
- sensible work against bright light.

- too much plastics in the casing for a top-of-the-range 50 mm device which is supposed to be a successor of the Noct-Nikkor,
- weak image quality in the frame centre near the maximum relative aperture,
- very weak image quality on the edge of the frame,
- longitudinal chromatic aberration could have been lower,
- noticeable coma in the full frame corners,
- strange performance of autofocus,
- disastrous price quality ratio.

Perhaps I am naive but I admit when Zeiss announced their Otus 1.4/55 and Nikon – the Nikkor AF-S 58 mm f/1.4G I though we were going to deal with two lenses which were a match for each other. It seems, though, that only Zeiss was serious about it and Nikon was joking all along, trying to sell you a rough piece of trash for a lot of money under a cover of a storied Nikon legacy. I really don’t intend to torture the tested Nikkor any longer because it is not worth the time and trouble. However, in order to finish this test with a comical accent let me quote the words of one of Nikon company representatives, published on the day of the launch as the official press release. 

похожий отзыв выложен на сайте ВН:
Whats the most important detail? The sharpness. If your lens is not super sharp at every aperture it's useless, especially if you're dropping $1700 and its a prime lens. Maybe I'm spoiled by my 85 1.4g... I rarely shoot at f1.4. I mainly shoot 1.6-2.2 and the 58 wasn't sharp at those apertures. It did get sharper as I stopped down, 2.2 was decent but my 85 is tack sharp at 1.6. Nikon either needs to drop its price tag down or fix it. They should be ashamed of putting this on the market. No one buys primes to shoot at f5.6, this is a complete joke. 3 stars for beautiful bokeh and the attempt at making a lens we really need.
 на фоне великолепных новых линз Сигмы выпуск таких линз Никона с такой ценой не может не настораживать...

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